About GlowRx Skincare

Our Why

Inspired by the skin concerns she addresses everyday in clinical practice and her own skin challenges that started in adulthood, our Founder and board-certified Pediatrician, Dr. Lorraine Beraho, created a skincare line specifically designed for teenagers and millennials.

For years, teens and young women have been encouraged to add more products and steps to their skincare routines often leading to inconsistent use of helpful products. We believe that daily use of key products with quality ingredients can help you achieve a glowing complexion year around.

The GlowRx Skincare Difference

GlowRx Skincare is formulated with potent,vegan ingredients and mild botanicals that work synergistically to promote healthy skin. At GlowRx, we’re all about clean beauty. Quality, non-toxic ingredients are the cornerstone of our U.S. made products.

GlowRx Skincare Brand ETHOS

Beauty is beyond skin deep. At GlowRx Skincare, we strongly encourage a holistic approach to achieving glowing skin including healthy dietary choices, regular exercise, proper sleep habits, and adequate hydration. We believe our products in addition to healthy lifestyle and environmental modifications can enhance the skin’s appearance.