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Meet the Founder

As the saying goes, 30 is the new 20, and with the right beauty products, your skin can look the part. Yes, a random moisturizer can give some millennials a dewy skin, but women of color, not so much! Skincare, like fashion, is not one size fits all. And no one can attest to this fact better than women of color with specific skin problems that go untreated by popular skincare brands. Dr. Lorraine Beraho, who after years of struggling with the common skin challenge women of color experience decided to create a skin line – GlowRx – to address the skin issues that Bi-Racial and African-American young adults face in today's busy world. Her wealth of exposure to skincare challenges and her clinical practice helped create the perfect product that reflects her unique combination of technology, technique, and nontoxic ingredients formulated to beaut-i-fy and "glow-i-fy!"

Why GlowRx Skincare?

The GlowRx Difference

People with healthy, beautiful skin know that formula and ingredient matters more than the brand name. Yes, it does! What differentiates a problem skin from a fresh, glowing, youthful skin is the ingredient you use. At GlowRx Skincare, we believe in feeding your skin the best ingredients. Our skincare products are formulated with ethical, sustainably sourced vegan ingredients and mild botanicals that work synergistically to nourish your skin and produce that healthy skin glow. We are all about clean beauty. Quality and non-toxic ingredients are the cornerstones of our U.S. made products. That's why we have created this beautiful skincare line with only ingredients that support your skin health because when you glow, we grow. Beautiful skin begins with GlowRx Skincare!

A True Holistic Approach to Skincare

Our Brand Ethos

Beauty is beyond skin deep. At GlowRx Skincare, we strongly encourage a holistic approach to reveal your true irresistible flawless skin. The best glow starts from within, and that is why it is crucial to find your inner Zen zone. Relax and unwind to avoid physical stress that causes floods of cortisol in the body, a hormone that can break down collagen. Also, it's hard to look flawless and youthful when you're skimping on Zzs, so always clock at least 7 hours. What's more, if you want to maintain a youthful glow always, you'll have to log a few hours of exercise a week. Make the right dietary choices and always moisturize. We believe our products in addition to a healthy lifestyle and environmental modifications can enhance the skin's appearance! And this, more than anything, is what we want for you.

Glow for Gold

Ways to Earn

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Reasons to shop with us


Non-toxic, clinically-proven


Hassle-free and easy returns


Created specifically with melanin-rich skin in mind


Providing jobs in Rwanda