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GlowRx Skincare Bundle Set of 3 ($100 Value)


GlowRx Skincare Vitamin C Serum, Charcoal Mask, & Nighttime Moisturizer Bundle Set

Perfect for hydrating, reviving, and improving overall skin health! In this bundle kit you’ll receive 3 skin essentials: Vitamin C Serum, Clear It Out charcoal detox mask, and Sleepover nighttime moisturizer.  

GlowRx Skincare was created to change the narrative: healthy skin is good skin and nourishing the skin with hydrating, clean ingredients can optimize skin health resulting in glowing skin. GlowRx is an uncluttered, multitasking clean skincare line powered by potent botanicals and non-toxic ingredients that support the specific needs of melanin rich skin including dryness, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone. Your GlowRx purchase today is supporting and providing income for farmers in eastern Rwanda. These farmers grow, hand pick, and air dry the Moringa seeds and supplies! This sustainably sourced oil is the star behind GlowRx Skincare's hero product, Moringa Luminous Face Oil.