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How have you been doing with your New Year’s resolutions? If you’re like most Americans, you’re already staying home from the gym and hitting up happy hour. However, there are many simple resolutions your skin will thank you for. Learn how to love your skin in 2019 with these easy steps!

Increase Your Water Intake

Water is essential to keep your body healthy and hydrated, and your skin needs good hydration to give you the glow you’re after. Proper hydration is proven to slow down the aging process, improve the skin’s appearance, get rid of toxins and fight acne. 8 glasses a day isn’t necessary for everyone. Instead, you should divide your body weight in half and drink that many ounces of water.

Sleep More

Getting 7-8 hours might seem like a tall task when your Instagram feed is calling, but proper sleep is critical to healthy skin and overall health. When you’re hitting the hay earlier, you should also make sure that you are cleaning your pillowcases on a regular basis. Oils and impurities will collect on the surface of the pillowcase and be touching your clean skin for 8 hours while you snooze.

Take Off Your Makeup Every Night

Be honest—do you really take off your makeup every night before bed? Even if you have to settle for a wipe instead of thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing, you should remove your makeup before hitting the hay. Taking off your makeup doesn’t just remove the actual products themselves, but also the range of outdoor pollutants and environmental debris you encounter on a daily basis.

Give Your Skin More Moisture

Your body is made up over 50% water, and aside from drinking it, you should also be using moisture-rich creams. GlowRx Skin’s lavender hydrating night cream is an excellent way to give your skin some TLC and wake up radiant the next morning. With high-powered skin-loving ingredients including hyaluronic acid, a multivitamin complex, you can feel good about what you’re using to quench your skin’s thirst.

Wear SPF

A broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is incredibly important for protecting your skin. Even the sunlight that streams in your car window during your morning commute could be causing you to age faster and lead to skin cancer. Applying sunscreen on a daily basis dramatically lowers your chances of getting skin cancer and seeing wrinkles.

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